If police are doing their jobs in plain sight, it’s your right to photograph them. (Linda Davidson/THE WASHINGTON POST)

In other news:

D.C. Housing Authority, Vincent Gray react to campaign’s use of “unauthorized” housing list (Post, WRC-TV, WJLA-TV, WTTG-TV)

Gay couple is beaten early Sunday in Eckington; police probe potential hate crime (Crime Scene, WRC-TV, WTTG-TV)

Jack Evans: “I think the city is ready for a very competent mayor, and that would be me, who just happens to be white.” (Washingtonian)

Tommy Wells: “I do not want to be viewed as someone who is opportunistic, and that is why I have not called for [Gray] to resign. Clearly a special election benefits me more so than anybody else.” (Roll Call via HuffPo)

Kwame Brown will be giving a talk on certified business enterprises next week (Loose Lips)

Gray campaign lawyer: “I think all we’re doing now is playing Monday-morning quarterback with a sinister overload.” (Loose Lips)

“The Post poll contains an easy-to-decipher message: D.C. Council members are barely noticed and impress very few people.” (WRC-TV)

Eleanor Holmes Norton: What Jeff Thompson did for me wasn’t bundling. Campaign finance expert: That was bundling. (WaTimes)

AIDS activists, demanding more housing, jeer Gray (WaTimes, WUSA-TV)

Kenyan McDuffie still at loggerheads with Gray over streetcar barn location (Scribd)

Fiesta D.C. still wrangling with the city over locations (DCist)

Did you know: There’s a difference between “revitalizing” and “gentrifying” neighborhoods . . . (Examiner)

. . . And they both have crime issues (Examiner)

Jonetta Rose Barras: “Gray’s relationship with District residents is in the ditch.” (Examiner)

But at least he’s making progress on building heights (Slate)

A peek inside the new Union Market (DCmud)

Why aren’t our region’s medical schools better? (GGW)

Three arrested in U Street shooting early Saturday (Post)

Former council candidate Charles Wilson: Now a backyard beekeeper (The Art of Ward 8)

Mangialardo’s has gotten a freshening-up (PoP)

Shaw waffle shop goes out of business, blames Groupon (GOGBlog, DCist)

ICYMI: “Fifty Fades of Gray,” by Tom Toles (Post editorial)