Harris has given the feds have a line on Thompson, aka “CO-CONSPIRATOR #1” (C-SPAN)

In other news:

Initiative 70 organizers are confident they’ll be on the November ballot (D.C. Wire, WaTimes, Examiner, DCist, WJLA-TV)

Breath testing of drunk drivers could restart as soon as next month (Post, WaTimes)

Kenyan McDuffie wants streetcar barn moved from Spingarn grounds (DCist, Examiner)

Gray sits for lottery deposition today (Loose Lips)

That was indeed a historic heat wave (Capital Weather Gang)

Firefighters filled another pool, for a Columbia Heights block party (WTTG-TV)

Yes, Natwar Gandhi is an excellent politician (Examiner)

Trinidad’s Webb Elementary burns (Crime Scene, WUSA-TV, ToT, @TimClarkANC5C05)

Families of South Capitol Street shooting victims seek justice through lawsuits and laws (City Paper)

Brewer gives up on finding a place in D.C. to brew (Capital Business)

Washington Monument, under repair for earthquake damage, may not reopen until 2014 (Post)

Mary Cheh will introduce bill mandating buried power lines (WUSA-TV)

Weekend violence included machete attack (WaTimes)

Chuck Thies sees “no path to victory” for a Tommy Wells mayoral campaign. “His candidacy is a pipe dream.” (WRC-TV)

Irv Nathan explains in full why FOIA reforms are no big deal (OAG)

Rewrite of liquor laws could foil strip club foes (Ward 5 Heartbeat)

Some of D.C.’s most liveable neighborhoods were once declared “obsolete” (GGW)

Southwest Waterfront bill gets presidential signature (Examiner)

Emergency tax break would help out Waterfront development, too (WBJ)

D.C. United is getting a new big-time investor (Post)

Is gentrification killing diversity in some DCPS schools? (Flypaper)

Arne Duncan, Kenner League hero (D.C. Sports Bog)

Pepco’s “customer advocate”: “I am comfortable that we will be able to demonstrate that ... we performed well considering the severity of the event.” (Rosenwald, Md.)

Have a look at a $3 million Watergate apartment (Where We Live)