But was he wearing his shades? (Linda Davidson/THE WASHINGTON POST)

In other news:

Oct. 16 is the new date for MLK Memorial dedication (Post)

Albrecht Muth threatened bomb attack on Georgetown, refused to don underwear (Post, Patch)

”A third of people who have lived in the District for less than a decade described themselves as Zipcar users, a Washington Post survey found” (Post)

Transgender woman found dead in Columbia Heights, renewing fears in trans community (Blade, Metro Weekly)

After admitting he didn’t read the news story he was suing Washington City Paper over, Dan Snyder drops his lawsuit against the paper (City Paper, Post)

A “hammer, not a handout” for District residents on welfare (Post)

What President Obama says his jobs bill will do for the District (Housing Complex)

Labor Department ruling threatens to hike costs on economic development projects (Post)

”Trying to find [Vincent Gray] is like looking for Waldo.” (Examiner)

Time to reopen E Street? (Post editorial)

Tales of the D.C. government policing itself are proof that the D.C. government can’t police itself, or something (WaTimes)

Passenger-tossing bus driver was totally justified, says onlooker (WTTG-TV)

Meet the new head of the FBI’s Washington Field Office (Post)

Bob McCartney: A decade of effort still hasn’t produced adequate preparedness plans (Post)

Georgetown’s College Democrats still support Vince Gray, in case you were wondering (The Hoya)

Abigail Smith out as DCPS “transformation management” chief (D.C. Schools Insider)

Mary Cheh injured herself again, this time on the Capital Crescent Trail. She told me her bike crash was spectacular. (@AlanSuderman)

Rock Creek might have been dammed (DCist)

Historical Society of Washington regroups (GGW)

Should D.C. sell residential parking permits like Seattle does — i.e., charge more of you live in a scarce neighborhood? (GGW)

Generally speaking: Charter school kids go to Banneker; DCPS kids go to Walls (D.C. Schools Insider)

Former DHS director Clarence Carter’s having a grand old time in Arizona (Arizona Republic)

Redesign the Mall (Roll Call)

In memoriam: Enthusiastic collector of gingko nuts (Post)

Anacostia BID is on track (Housing Complex)

No timeline for Georgetown Park mall redevelopment (WBJ)

What that derelict building at 7th and H streets NW will probably end up looking like (DCmud)

Cheh and D.C. Republicans do battle on Kojo (D.C. GOP)

Looks like Nate Bennett-Fleming’s making another run for shadow rep (@dcist_martin)

United Medical Center partnerships have been successful but not necessarily lucrative (WBJ)

If you want to buy this newspaper, keep on waiting (Poynter)