Surprise: Cab drivers still want to charge you $2 for carrying your bag in their trunk. (Michael Williamson/THE WASHINGTON POST)

In other news:

Three juveniles shot this morning in Congress Heights; follow PostLocal for more through the day (Crime Scene)

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Evermay owners’ nonprofit plans are not, in fact, a tax dodge (Reliable Source)

The needy could soon be eating Rock Creek venison (WAMU-FM)

Granite Stater to D.C.: “Your license plate ranks up there with New Hampshire’s ‘Live Free Or Die,’ in terms of really pithy statements.” (WAMU-FM)

A handy guide to the loose ends hanging in the Harry Thomas Jr. affair (Loose Lips)

Thomas remains in arrears to the city (@SegravesWTOP)

Board of Elections and Ethics raises objections to accelerated special election schedule now working through Congress (Roll Call)

Vincent Gray and Tony Williams talk taxes at Bourbon Steak (Reliable Source)

“[M]any LGBT people highly familiar with how Gray policies are playing out like what they see.” (Metro Weekly)

A deeper look at the city’s plan to revive upper 14th Street NW (GGW)

District CTO Rob Mancini talks tech (Housing Complex)

Remember those graphic anti-abortion ads? Now the rest of the country gets to enjoy them. (ThinkProgress, DCist)

How to make school scorecards more useful (D.C. Schools Insider)

A voice in support of college applications for all (WaTimes)

Blighted property tax forces redevelopment of long-vacant Shaw property (Housing Complex)

Can Doug Jemal get away without building parking for his Tenleytown mixed-use project? (GGW)

REIT bails on Georgetown for Metro-accessible Friendship Heights (Patch)

Police union presses Gray on Standards and Training Board appointments (Examiner)

Deborah Simmons is still skeptical on medical marijuana: “Setting up a cluster of magnets for dope-fiends is bad public policy.” (WaTimes)

Michelle Rhee’s advocacy group now claims 1 million members (This Week in Education)

Ex-cop gets 90 days in stolen property case (Crime Scene)

Navarro A. Brown, 18, dead in Tuesday night shooting (Crime Scene)

Interesting tidbit on where the Examiner fits into Philip Anschutz’s business empire (City Desk)

Man accused of shooting Neil Godleski to death is in even deeper trouble (Homicide Watch)

Pay your old parking tickets soon — amnesty ends later this month (AP)