National Arboretum workers clearing early “spring” growth last month. (Matt McClain/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

In other news:

How buying airline tickets helped inspire Pete Ross’s $200,000 run for shadow senator (Post)

The Great Dave McKenna on the “improbable rise” of Friendship Collegiate’s football team amid the decline of D.C. schoolboy sports (Grantland)

March brings dip in violent crime, robberies (WaTimes)

Jonetta Rose Barras does not think restricting money order donations is a good idea (Examiner)

Tom Sherwood: Council subpoenas “an important, game-changing moment in the wide-ranging federal criminal investigation into campaign corruption” (WRC-TV)

Council puts still more limits on medical marijuana locations (Post, DCist)

Kwame Brown education package passes but needs $2.8 million in funding (Post)

David Catania’s South Capitol Street bill passes but also needs funding (WRC-TV, WTTG-TV)

Campaign finance office fielded concerns about Jeffrey Thompson donations in 2002 (WaTimes)

Whatever you call the neighborhood, there’s a lot going on right now near Nationals Park (Post)

D.C. jail guard pleads guilty to assaulting inmate (WJLA-TV)

Bikeshare targets the homeless for membership (Housing Complex)

Lawyer’s challenge to “post-and-forfeit” goes to oral argument (Legal Times)

Oh, great: Government shutdown talk is starting again (The Hill)

CareFirst’s D.C. reserves continue growing, inviting scrutiny (WBJ)

Why, exactly, should the handicapped get free parking? (RPUS, GGW)

Mary Cheh, Kwame Brown want study of school boundaries (Examiner)

What the development pipeline looks like (Housing Complex)

Man convicted in Metro mechanic’s killing could go free (WJLA-TV)

In praise of truancy task force (Post editorial)

In which Lydia DePillis costs Douglas Jemal a lot of money (Housing Complex)

It’s really happening: Permits issued for Georgetown Park mall renovations (WBJ)

Some Southwesterners don’t like development proposal (DCmud)

”Can this @councilofdc lead? Govern? Or is it in perpetual and permanent reaction mode?” (SBPC)

Capitol Hill’s Hadley hospital needs to pay its property tax bill or else (WBJ)

Howard Theatre ribbon-cutting set for April 9 (AP)

More details on Ward 5 middle school plan, please (GGW)

Ward 8 Dems president backs Jacque Patterson in council race (CHotR)

Robert Bobb might be heading to Richmond to help make school system cuts (WTVR-TV)

Francophile extraordinaire/GWU lobbyist Bernard Demczuk fondly remembers his first La Chaumiere (Post letter)

Will Gray include health exchange funding in new budget? (DCPCA)

Cartoon Fenty’s voice gets more Darth Vader-ish as he gets older (The Root DC)

And this:

Fenty never would have tweeted that. RT @mayorvincegray: Vbhbyyhbn0

— daveweigel (@daveweigel) March 20, 2012