A Connecticut Wal-Mart. And some grass. Which is green. (Paul Taggart/Bloomberg)

In other news:

Frank Kameny lies in repose today; 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Carnegie Library (Blade)

More on how “effective” DCPS teachers can still lose their jobs, via “excessing” (Post)

Aggrieved cyclists line up to testify in favor of biker-assault bill (TBD, WAMU-FM, DCist)

Shaw’s Tavern will not get a liquor license (Young & Hungry)

The sad truth of D.C.’s NAEP progress: Scores are still dismal (D.C. Schools Insider)

Georgetown shooting victim was DYRS ward, had been placed under Court Social Services probation (WaTimes, Examiner)

”[P]olice sources said they are investigating the possibility that at least three guns were fired Monday night” in Georgetown and Foggy Bottom (Post)

The battle for the soul of Adams Morgan (Housing Complex)

Mary Cheh and colleagues push UDC to build more parking spaces, fewer dormitories (GGW)

Anonymous donor backs creation of H Street NE historic district (EMMCA)

Tony Williams and John Boehner appear to be buds (Loose Lips)

How Wale is blowing it (City Paper)

Potential GOP at-large D.C. Council candidates: Former Ward 5 candidate Tim Day, Ward 6 ANC commish Mary Beatty (Loose Lips)

What Obama said about the Key Bridge (Patch, White House)

Cathy Lanier says hate crime stats will go online (TBD)

Filene’s Basement will close three District stores, leaving big empty retail spaces and no Running of the Brides (Capital Business, Housing Complex)

Adam Clampitt blasts D.C. government — “An essentially one-party system with few checks and balances and no ethics guidelines” (HuffPo)

Some Georgetown students back Fiona Grieg in Ward 2 race (Voice)

Deborah Simmons: “Guns in and of themselves are not the problem. A gun cannot jump into the hand of an individual, aim itself and fire itself.” (WaTimes)

What to do with all the tour buses that used to park at Union Station? (Housing Complex)

Truly outstanding photos of the 1968 riot aftermath (DCentric)

A good shot of the Tune Inn’s new exposed rafters (Going Out Gurus)

Watergate Safeway, aka Senior Safeway, will close Dec. 3 (Capital Business)