Ego at work. (Dan Zak/The Washington Post)

In other news:

Cathy Lanier defends how the D.C. police count their homicide closures (Post op-ed)

After roaming and data charges pile up, D.C. Council gets a better cell phone plan (Post)

Expect tough questions Monday for the Children and Youth Investment Trust Corp. (WaTimes, WJLA-TV, WTTG-TV)

Jim Graham speaks out on his role in the lottery contract award (Post op-ed)

”You would think [Arne Duncan] would want to keep [Michelle Rhee] at arm’s length during the investigation. And yet there they were, sitting side by side last month ...” (New York Times)

United Medical Center’s latest cash request “should make the city pause and clearly assess its hopes and its chances of success.” (Post editorial)

Inside the “unpredictable and tense relationship” between police and Occupy protesters (Post)

St. Elizabeths medical director describes being handcuffed while passing through D.C. Superior Court security (Post op-ed)

Final taxpayer tab for One City Summit: $556,603.79 (Examiner)

Is film and TV production “a sector that deserves much of D.C.’s attention and resources”? (Housing Complex)

School finance commission “essentially punted on all the core issues of school funding.” (Post editorial)

Fox 5 GM: Unemployment scam is “like the story line of the movie ‘Ground Hog Day.’” (WTTG-TV)

D.C. population might be up, but the number of registrations is not (Examiner)

And DDOT is getting fewer pothole repair requests (WTOP)

Kids Count report: D.C. poverty concentration is in decline (Examiner)

IG report: Rules flouted on stimulus-funded road projects (Examiner)

Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance releases candidate ratings ahead of primary; Jack Evans and Muriel Bowser lead pack (GLAA Forum)

Marion Barry “tops my list of elected officials who should be shown the door,” says Jonetta Rose Barras. “He’s the original misbehaving politician.” (Examiner)

Why Ward 8 gets stuck with so much transitional housing (Housing Complex)

Regarding the Redskins’ training facility plans, Evans “will know more, he said, in a few weeks.” (Where We Live)

Barry’s thoughts: “That’s fantasyland.” (Loose Lips)

Police report arrests in recent robberies (Post)

MedStar in battle with city over clinic’s licensing (WBJ)

Populace slightly more aggrieved of late with the District’s judges (Legal Times)

Point/counterpoint: Neighborhood preference for charter schools is a good thing (GGW)

Vincent Gray might have resurrected the Mayor’s Interfaith Council, but he has yet to meet with it (WaTimes)

Microsoft exec: “Is Washington, D.C. the Next Great American Entrepreneurial Goldmine?” (HuffPo)

Nationals Park storefront space: Still empty (Housing Complex)

Did you know: D.C. stands alone with Mississippi and West Virginia in refusing to allow vaccination exceptions (Post via City Desk)

Boundary stones are set for restoration (WTTG-TV)

Inside LivingSocial’s fabulous new headquarters (PreservationNation)

Hyattsville man, 19, dead in Thursday night shooting (WUSA-TV)