This station just got hipper, or something. (Bonnie Jo Mount/The Washington Post)

In other news:

Sekou Biddle’s campaign manager has quite a history (D.C. Wire)

Family of Neil Godleski, slain by DYRS ward, sues city for $20 million (WAMU-FM)

The Kwame Brown plan to get good teachers in bad schools (D.C. Schools Insider, WaTimes, Examiner)

Cathy Lanier is free to manager her command staff as she sees fit (Legal Times, WaTimes)

Can you tell these men apart? (Loose Lips)

The brand-spanking-new (D.C. Council)

Good column from Harry Jaffe, but lousy headline (Examiner)

”Sooner or later, we’ll lose D.C. United” (WBJ)

Lanier says tough cookies: Radios will stay encrypted (WAMU-FM)

Yvette Alexander wants permanent “prostitution-free zones” — an idea of questionable constitutionality (DCist)

Why Peaceoholics dropped their lawsuit against Sandra Seegars (Post magazine)

AAA: 15 mph speed limit “may lead to more road rage” (Examiner)

”Hate crimes on the rise, no one knows why” (WTOP)

David Catania, Jim Graham among Frank Kameny’s pall bearers (Blade, WRC-TV)

Federal employees may have to “shelter in place” during future snowstorms (Post)

Judge ordered 10-year-old discharged from Children’s National Medical Center, but to whose care? (Post)

Yeah, Jay Rockefeller’s digs are pretty choice (DCist)

Glover Park, home of the $40,000 parking space (UrbanTurf)

Public clocks “are seeing a burst of popularity that is baffling even to the people who make them” (Post)