Just how muscular should the city be in regulating ‘black cars,’ such as those dispatched by Uber? (Bill O'Leary/WASHINGTON POST)

In other news:

Baby panda dies suddenly (Post)

Believe it or not, it’s already teacher contract negotiation time again — more class time is a possibility (Post)

D.C.’s strict gun laws became a major headache for a Maryland security guard (WaTimes)

“[I]t doesn’t seem like a sign of national health that America’s political capital is suddenly richer than our capitals of manufacturing and technology and finance ...” (NY Times)

Thank “hard work and gutsy politics” for playoff baseball (or baseball, period) in Washington (Post editorial)

Charter school disciplinary policies vary widely ... (D.C. Schools Insider, Examiner)

... as they should? (Examiner)

Jay Mathews: New testing goals “might inspire more of the corner-cutting and dishonesty that have tainted the effort to help kids” (Class Struggle)

D.C. unemployment creeps down, but so does raw jobs number (Capital Business, WaTimes)

Reagan National Airport is getting squeezed (Post)

You wanna know how to fire teachers? D.C. can show you how to fire teachers. (AP)

Michael Brown admits he waited too long to introduce his public campaign financing bill (Examiner)

Ways in which the D.C. Council is unlike the Virginia General Assembly (WBJ)

There can be no compromise on D.C. statehood, says shadow senator (Post letter)

Cathy Lanier picks which set of crime stats is most advantageous (WaTimes)

Parking company has no comment on fake parking tickets it issues (WTOP)

The renovated Reflecting Pool already has an algae problem (WJLA-TV)

The council’s economic development committee is not a happy place to be (WBJ)

Why won’t Allen Lew do more about the CBE mess? (Loose Lips)

Commuter tax: Still not gonna happen (Examiner)

How Bikeshare helps the homeless (StreetSense)

President Obama signed the Frederick Douglass statue law Thursday (Washingtonian)

No, the green space next to the McMillan reservoir can’t be used as a park (Housing Complex)

Bethesda firm will help Trump attract Old Post Office retail (Capital Business)

Family Dollar inked for Strand Theater redevelopment (WBJ)

They asked David Grosso anything (Reddit)

Catholic U. now has the city’s largest solar panel array (WBJ)

D.C. environment department has its own rain gardens (Examiner.com)

”How about Why Don’t We Control Our Own Parks Day?” (GGW)

Muriel Bowser is very excited about the new Petworth Safeway (@OConnellPostBiz)

Marion Barry is doing the Q&A Cafe Thursday (Examiner)