Strasburg, who? (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

In other news:

Family mourns and waits as cause of D.C. cop’s death is determined (Post)

Navigating public school waitlists takes “months of maneuvering and moxie” (Post)

The tally: 90 D.C. cops arrested since 2009 (Examiner)

Adrian Fenty is now a tech investment maven (Capital Business)

Homicide Watch lives (@HomicideWatch, Kickstarter)

Presidential election may curtail Ron Machen’s tenure as top D.C. prosecutor, but political corruption prosecutions will surely continue (WaTimes)

You do remember those political corruption prosecutions, right? (Post editorial)

Goodbye Capitol Hemp, and its $150,000 a year in D.C. tax collections (Post, DCist)

Contract dispute means months before most city cabs get “smart meters” (Post)

Investigating standardized test cheating, the Georgia way (Post column)

To keep great teachers, DCPS needs principals with “grit” (Post op-ed)

DCPS is now focusing on promoting principals from within (WAMU-FM)

Task force conjures three-point plan to address Bloomingdale flooding (WaTimes, DCist)

Michael Brown’s foes had the weekend to pore over his petition signatures (Post)

Congressman gives up on turning the D.C. War Memorial into a national WWI memorial (WaTimes)

Pepco’s “smart meters” will be probed by D.C. regulators (WBJ)

St. Al’s holds its final Mass before merger with nearby parish (Post)

“There are no families getting shelter this summer,” homeless clan is told (WLCH)

Costs of 2008 school closings approached $40 million, half in lost property value (Examiner)

Tommy Wells says he’ll “take care of” evictions highlighted by Occupy protesters (LiveLeak)

Under Jim Graham bill, old property owners could be held liable for substandard work (Examiner)

D.C. cop arrested for allegedly choking his wife (WUSA-TV)

WMATA chief: We put riders first, we swear! (Post op-ed)

All still welcome at Columbia Heights church, even after brazen robbery (Post)

Allen Lew is looking at DDOE “to ensure that it’s working the way it’s supposed to” (WBJ)

Don’t expect the city to be repaid by Harry Thomas Jr. anytime soon (Loose Lips)

Local honchos aren’t thrilled about Ukraine memorial design (GGW)

Golf club attack gets D.C. man two-and-a-half years in prison (Crime Scene)

Behold the new Union Market (WAMU-FM, UrbanTurf, Examiner)

A new Harris Teeter near Howard U.? (Capital Business)

New Hampshire legislator who opposed D.C. statehood resolution finds himself in a spot of trouble (WaTimes)

Chef Geoff to NYC (Young & Hungry)

Another price cut on Michael Brown’s old house (Curbed)

Beware: “The urban neighborhood has become an exportable commodity” (Post)