It’s about time you gave D.C. a shot, Donald. (Richard Drew/Associated Press)

In other news:

Khan-Peterson II is set for May 19 in Vegas (Post)

Details emerge on Ketcham Elementary sex assault; suspect was released pending hearings in a robbery case (Post)

Test-cheating probe focuses on 35 classrooms (D.C. Schools Insider, Examiner)

So the Zoning Commission didn’t actually rule on the Georgetown U. campus plan Thursday night (Patch, G’town Dish)

Believe: “The Anacostia River can again be swimmable and fishable” (GGW)

Ban on corporate campaign contributions would be okay, AG rules (Post)

John Hinckley’s fate is in the judge’s hands now (Post)

Cops agonize after taking lives in the line of duty (Post)

The Vincent Gray approach to truancy: “The More You Learn, The More You Earn” ad campaign (Examiner)

A victory lap on iGaming: “By repealing, the Council, in the end, showed that the process can work.” (Stop DC Gambling)

After retroactive rate cut, city is looking to recoup millions from Medicaid providers (WBJ)

D.C. police get training on photographers’ rights (Business Insider)

Tommy Wells vows to close his constituent service fund (@tommywells)

Details on the District’s cut of the national mortgage settlement (D.C. Wire)

”What does the foreclosure settlement mean for you?” (Where We Live)

Handwriting analysis is still good in the District’s courts (Legal Times)

More on the proposal for a Hebrew-language charter school (Washington Jewish Week)

Some Hill Easters are wondering about their expanding water bills (DCist)

Final DCPS enrollment figures have been delayed (Examiner)

@mayorvincegray got a little sassy with an aggrieved citizen over the city’s snow response (DCist)

Union Station retail is getting a bit of a face-lift (DCmud)

Occupy protester accused of assaulting cop is in a halfway house (Crime Scene)

One man’s religious reasons for fasting for D.C. statehood (HuffPo)

Five decades apiece for killers of Benning Road store owner (Crime Scene)

D.C. Record Fair is this weekend (HuffPo)

Zipcar responds to new competition with a LivingSocial deal (TBD)

Attention Georgetown: Those aren’t cobblestones; those are “setts” (G’town Dish)

Who doesn’t know what “alight” means? (The Buzz)

Arlingtonian: “We should return to the system that worked so well for nearly a century, with a three-member Board of Commissioners appointed to manage the District ...” (Post letter)

Kid’s gonna be mayor someday (HuffPo)