Theodoric James’s home in Sixteenth Street Heights. (Carol Guzy/The Washington Post)

In other news:

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Why did DHCD allow this historic Anacostia home to crumble? (GGW)

Washington Highlands pushes back on plans for troubled-youth group home (The Root DC)

No “unified and polished full court press” on taxi reform — council and Taxicab Commission are on different pages (TBD)

New Garfield Elementary principal ran into a spot of trouble in her previous job, in Dallas (Answer Sheet)

DDOT picks a new chief of Bikeshare/Circulator/streetcars (Housing Complex)

Court says fired teachers need to have their grievances heard stat (Examiner)

Gifted and Talented program eyed for DCPS middle schools (Examiner)

It appears to be official: Restaurant Association is opposing new vending regs (Patch)

Solar Decathlon move is “big loss for city of Washington, the National Mall, the Decathlon itself, and even U.S. climate policy.” (GGW)

Sad details about what led to Mark Plotkin’s firing (Erik Wemple)

If you haven’t been following the whole iGaming thing, let Patrick Madden and Bruce DePuyt walk you through it (TBD)

Occupy D.C. as “a sort of monument to itself” (TNR)

Adding unemployment to Human Rights Act protections won’t be cheap (WBJ)

A great interview with the great Dave McKenna (Gelf)

Natalie Williams indeed sat in opponent Marion Barry’s office Tuesday morning (@AlanSuderman)

In case you want to read another DCPS-focused anti-Michelle Rhee broadside (Answer Sheet)

Watch Emily Miller tell Phil Mendelson about buying herself a handgun (WaTimes)

Emily Miller, who is “meh on voting rights” (@EmilyMiller)

Now an account of Mendelson’s gun hearing from a pro-gun-control perspective (Coalition to Stop Gun Violence)

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