All the ladies in the house! (Linda Davidson/The Washington Post)

The Stadium Club, yes, is a strip joint. But it’s a strip joint that anybody can love. In Friday’s Post, Delece Smith-Barrow writes that any given night, “clusters” of women stand outside the club waiting to get in. “Women in heels. Women who teach. Women who advocate as social workers. Professional women. Heterosexual women.” As much as 60 percent of the crowd are women, club management estimates. Why? “Unlike many strip clubs — which are narrow, dark and dominated by men — Stadium, with color-changing chandeliers lighting up 14,000 square feet, has become a chic hot spot for young African-American women. They host bachelorette and birthday parties here, buy rounds of drinks and chitchat while other women work the pole. The club is a bucket-list item for black yuppies.”

In other news:

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