Attendance has not met projections, but the stadium has had a big impact on the city’s bottom line. (Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post)

In other news:

There’s an election Tuesday (Post, WaTimes, Examiner)

At the intersection of business and politics, Jeffrey E. Thompson (Post)

Taxi drivers arrested for passenger assault, says Taxicab Commission chair: “What we’re seeing is an increase in physically manhandling their fares.” (WJLA-TV)

Phil Mendelson wants answers on 911 failure (Homicide Watch, WTOP)

Rosedale Farmhouse, oldest dwelling in D.C., is on the market (UrbanTurf)

Colby King’s nonendorsement endorsements (Post column)

Mind the vote-splitting, the Post warns: “If D.C. voters want real change in their government, they should choose wisely on Tuesday.” (Post)

Memphis gives D.C.’s IMPACT teacher evaluations a characteristically mixed reception (Post)

Man shot outside early-voting site at Takoma Rec Center (Post)

Some Metro transit cops have criminal records (WaTimes)

No, the Gray campaign isn’t being investigated “because he’s the one who requested it” (Examiner)

Another year, another budget that Jonetta Rose Barras doesn’t like (Examiner)

Capitol Police name their first black female captains; still, “Of the department’s 17 top leaders, two are black men and two are white women.” (WJLA-TV)

Real reason for red-top meter program: Placard fraud (Examiner)

Chicago’s Union Station is so bad it’s looking to D.C.’s Union Station for advice (WBEZ-FM)

The DCPS lottery is more popular than ever (D.C. Schools Insider, Examiner)

So why not ditch the lottery? (On Parenting)

Bellevue’s Covenant Baptist invites worshippers to wear hoodies in honor of Trayvon Martin (WJLA-TV)

Roseanne Barr is robocalling Statehood Greens to push presidential run (DCist)

John Payton’s underappreciated role in school reform (Post op-ed)

More mayors follow in Adrian Fenty’s footsteps, make teachers unions into bad guys (Post)

Without GPS tracking, prosecutors hope to nail Antoine Jones with cell phone records (Legal Times)

D.C. Auditor says city CBE spending isn’t up to snuff (Examiner)

Will Congress keep the Redskins off Reservation 13? (Brian Flahaven)

A D.C. government office in Shanghai? (Housing Complex)

Running a neighborhood watch, D.C. style (Post)

Money for archives upgrades included in Gray budget (Housing Complex)

More woonerven, please (GGW)

There’s now a Jack the Bulldog in waiting (DCist)

Former top Kwame Brown aide to lead House Democratic Caucus (The Hill)

Video of IHOP shooting emerges (Blade)

Sixty-year-old woman assaulted on Metrobus (WTTG-TV)

Criminal justice agencies work together to improve case filing system (Government Technology)

Georgetown “landlord pledge” isn’t exactly changing the world (The Hoya)

It takes care to make a neighborhood-friendly federal office building (GGW)

AG Irv Nathan and Apolo Anton Ohno tell kids to lay off the sauce (YouTube)

Coming soon: “DPW’s In-home Concierge Trash Recycling Collection Service” (All Life Is Local)

A little too on-the-nose? “Greater Greater Washington is now Greater Greater Wells” (GGW)