More occupied seats means more fans wanting to get home after late games. (Patrick McDermott/GETTY IMAGES)

In other news:

At power line burial meeting, it’s all about the money (Post, WaTimes, Examiner)

Initiative 70 backers had to pay $205 to review their own ballot petitions (Examiner)

Welfare curbs are again being delayed by the city (Post)

Marion Barry’s job-czarring didn’t really accomplish anything, mayoral spokesman says (Examiner)

Where the damage to the Washington Monument is (Post)

David Catania “doesn’t know anything about cannabis,” says hemp entrepreneur (Washingtonian)

”Study” of D.C. bag tax reaches utterly incoherent conclusions (National Review)

DCPS lifts controversial “barring notices” (WaTimes)

Losing taxi meter bidders will be in court today (Legal Times)

Task force on speeding cameras meets next week (WaTimes)

Eighty years for man convicted in 2010 killings of Florida Avenue Market shopkeepers (Post)

Woman says ex-boyfriend stabbed her daughter in front of her during fight (Post)

Predictably, Gray administration has no plans to move streetcar barn from Spingarn grounds (DCist)

In praise of the Airports Authority — the staff, not the board (Post column)

To be charitable, we’re quite charitable (DCist)

This is Washington! We are very serious here! (Post letter)

Here’s two fists for you, James Bopp! (City Desk)

If only the skinny-dipping congressman had listened to Peter Bis (Roll Call)