The tavern’s demise marks a new chapter in the sleepy Northeast neighborhood. (Jeffrey Porter for The Washington Post)

In other news:

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School Without Walls principal’s secret to success: “If a rule makes no sense to him, he pretends it is not there” (Post column)

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Bickering over whether Vincent Gray was contacted by lottery investigators (Examiner)

Bickering over whether the D.C. lottery owes the IRS money for handing over bad winner data (WBJ)

Gray gets involved in Informer contract dispute, sends “letter of concern” (Informer)

Bryan Weaver on why the “public trust” is important (HuffPo)

Who can help the city lure a “world-class educational or university user” to St. Elizabeths east campus? (WBJ)

Man’s body decomposed in back yard more than a week before being found by police (WJLA-TV)

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WTU president sees “sense of calmness” on opening day of school (Informer)

MLK Memorial quote could be fixed as soon as next month (WAMU-FM)

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Former UDC law professor is suing over being denied tenure (Legal Times)

Teen implicated in string of robberies is charged with murder (Post)

Break-in killing of H Street NE shop owner? (WRC-TV)

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“Homelessness, social misery on the rise” in D.C. (World Socialist Web Site)

Ex-player is suing D.C. United for $12 million over injury (Soccer Insider)

D.C. still has few residents without health insurance (Post, Examiner)

The renovated Turner Elementary is open (@mayorvincegray, WUSA-TV)

Sanctioning questions remove an opponent from Friendship Collegiate’s football schedule (Post)

Marion Barry reality show isn’t dead yet (City Desk)

Jon Voight knows Adrian Fenty and Michelle Rhee as “that mayor and that woman” (DCist)

Kaya Henderson is on Twitter but is yet to tweet (@HendersonKaya)

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