Fenty, on Election Day last year (Linda Davidson/TWP)

For close Fenty-watchers, there’s not a whole lot you haven’t heard before: “My only regret is that I wasn’t more uncompromising” ... “we were pushing the envelope” ... “politicians are elected to do the right thing.” He stands by his heterodox criticism of public-sector unions and rejects the suggestion he might have improved his political fortunes had he played “a little bit of the game.”

Notably, he keeps the door closed tight to the possibility he’d run again: “The only way I’m different now is that I’m more convinced that that’s the way to go. ... Which probably is another reason why I would never run again, because I would do it exactly the same.”

The story includes an interesting discussion of Fenty’s response to the mass shooting on South Capitol Street in March 2010. Fenty, on vacation at the time, did not return to the city for more than a day after four teens were killed. His thoughts: “Could I have done anything different as a politician? Maybe I could have come home earlier the next day but at that point the die had been cast.”

And another revelation: Fenty has transitioned from streamlining government to streamlining his personal communications. “[H]e now has just one BlackBerry instead of three,” HuffPo reports.