Terry/Smith ’12 (Randall Terry for President)

Washingtonians and local TV viewers might know Smith from her 2010 Republican run against Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) for D.C. congressional delegate, during which Smith aired TV ads featuring graphic depictions of aborted fetuses.

That campaign was inspired by Terry and largely funded by his network of activists. It was, in fact, a test run for the national campaign Terry is now waging with the stated intent of airing graphic abortion ads across the country.

He has thus far succeeded in running the ads in Oklahoma, Missouri and New Hampshire. The ads take advantage of a legal loophole that prevent TV stations and cable networks from censoring the content of federal political ads. Smith’s 2010 ads ran on D.C. stations following a disclaimer.

In the news release announcing Smith as Terry’s VP pick, the two share their mutual admiration.

Smith, Terry says, is “articulate, unflinching, and beautiful” and a “true threat to the child killers and pandering politicians.” Smith calls Terry “the greatest ‘Warrior for Life’ in American history, and a brilliant media strategist.”