Ah, the old alma mater. (Jeffrey MacMillan/The Washington Post)

“Capitalism built this country, we’re just continuing that American tradition,” explains Caspian Tavallali, a GU student and founder of Trebizond Investments. But his appropriation of anti-Wall Street language has riled up Georgetown’s Occupy group, as well as another student investment fund.

A representative from the latter group says the slogan is “immature” and does not “stand for the beliefs of the investment community.” A member of the former group says the slogan “invites students to enjoy profit regardless of the effects of their actions on the majority of people” and is “essentially and inherently elitist in its glorification of occupying some upper echelon of society.”

In any case, the controversy does not seem to have affected Trebizond’s business, Julia Jester reports: “When GU Occupy ‘occupied’ one of the group’s meetings last semester, there were only an estimated 30 members. Now, the so-called ‘future one percent’ has grown to include 150 members who currently manage $65,000.”

Ah, Georgetown — Hoya Saxa.