This sticker means you’re paying more. (D.C. Taxicab Commission)

The new rates that went into effect last Saturday allow drivers to charge $2.16 per mile of travel versus the previous $1.50, along with modifications to various other fees. But because cabs must visit a limited number of certified service locations to have their meters individually reprogrammed and certified to charge the new rates, the changeover process is not immediate.

Most cabs, according to a D.C. Taxicab Commission statement, will be charging the new fares by mid-May. Cabs have until May 31 to be recalibrated.

If you’d like to save yourself a buck or two in the coming days, there’s handy visual guide to whether a cab has the old rates or the new rates. Cabs whose meters have been updated will sport a new red DCTC decal, as seen above. Cabs still charging the old rates have the older, blue-encircled sticker.