Chavous, Alexander, Brown, Moten and Bennett at last night’s forum (Katherine Frey/THE WASHINGTON POST)

But I was happily gathering string for a profile of the Ward 7 Democratic race to be published in tomorrow’s Post, and while I did doze off for a few moments, I did hear one of the more entertaining answers I’ve yet heard from a candidate seeking District office.

The question: “The District’s zoning code is being rewritten. Among other things proposed in the new code is to restrict minimum side yards in neighborhoods like ours to five feet and make it easier to create accessory dwelling units — so-called ‘mother-in-law units.’ What are your views on how the new zoning code stands to reshape D.C.?”

Said Republican candidate Don Folden Sr.: “You know, ladies and gentlemen, every now and again, you get a question that you can’t remember. And I ain’t ashamed to stand up and tell you, I ain’t got a clue to what she’s talking about. ... What I’ll do is sit down, put this mic down and learn something.”

The remaining candidates — Republican Ronald Moten and Democrats Yvette M. Alexander, William H. Bennett II, Tom Brown, Kevin B. Chavous and Dorothy Douglas — each gave variations on the importance of gathering community input on any changes. None said anything that led me to believe they were any better informed than Folden.