Kwame R. Brown, who resigned Wednesday as D.C. Council chairman after being charged with federal bank fraud, made his first public comments in a pair of Thursday morning tweets.

@IMGoph @mffisher my gogo comment was for those who use every opportunity 2 stop gogo shows in dc by saying its bad. Even bands tht r good

— Kwame Brown (@KwameBrownDC) June 7, 2012

@IMGoph @mffisher it had nothing to do with Marion Barry’s comments of the pastIt was not targeted to offend anyone.

— Kwame Brown (@KwameBrownDC) June 7, 2012

The tweets address Brown’s comments at iconic musician Chuck Brown’s memorial service last week, in which he told go-go haters to “get over it.” What seemed to some as an innocent tribute to the late icon sounded to others like a veiled reference to Marion Barry’s famous 1994 comment telling his Ward 3 critics to “get over it.”

Brown, in other words, wants those who would compare his quote to Barry’s to get over it.

He’s always been prickly, incidentally, about comparisons to Barry, who employed his father, whose Youth Leadership Institute he attended and whose political legacy he inherited.

Brown’s resignation letter tendered to the council Wednesday said he’d “apologized to the residents of our great city,” but he has yet to publicly address the charge against him in any way. Brown said Wednesday he would speak in some manner Thursday, but no announcement has yet been made.

His Twitter profile continues to read, “Tweets from Chairman Kwame R. Brown.”