(Congress Heights on the Rise)

“This is one way to break that cycle of dependency, of not being involved, not standing up, not fighting for your children,” said Barry (D-Ward 8).

Dependency, it appears, will persist another year. The restrictions have been loosened considerably as the holiday approaches, City Paper’s Alan Suderman reported Friday:

[T]he newest version of the flyer from Barry’s office says you can register on the day of the giveaway, which is this Tuesday, starting at 9 a.m. at Union Temple Baptist Church.

“The only requirements are 2 health screenings that will be available that day,” the new flyer says. “This will be done on a first come first serve basis.”

Barry says he had to adjust his plans after they met with some pushback from his residents.

“We just had a hard time getting people accustomed to that we are not doing dependency anymore,” Barry says. ...

Bummer for the folks who actually went to the meetings. Just be sure to get tot the giveaway early.