D.C. Council member Mary M. Cheh (D-Ward 3) was a guest on WAMU-FM’s Politics Hour today, shortly after returning from her summer recess jaunt to Mexico City.

Conversation turned to the controversy she left behind when she jetted south of the border — her call last month for Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s resignation. Remember that Cheh, an erstwhile friend and political ally of Gray’s, broke the news to Hizzoner by voice mail.

Gray hasn’t gotten in touch since, Cheh said today.

“We haven’t spoken,” she said. “I did send him a text recently saying that I would like to meet with him, so I expect to meet with him. As long as he stays mayor, I’m going to continue to work with him.”

She also reiterated and amplified her rationale for demanding Gray’s ouster: “Even if he did not have direct knowledge about the campaign fraud, the fact of the matter is . . . he did not make sure that the back door was closed and the flies didn’t come in. And he should have done that. He should have secured the door and make sure he didn’t leave it standing open. . . . You just can’t turn away. You just can’t leave the door open and let things happen.”

Cheh also dropped a word of her newly refreshed Español. “Can you say scandal in Spanish?” asked co-host Tom Sherwood.

“Corrupción!” said Cheh, with a magnificent alveolar trill.