Cheh: “Firing off uninformed missives and calling me ‘babe’ must have been easier than actually reading the legislation.” (Michael S. Williamson/TWP)

In a controversy originated in a recent WMAL-FM interview with Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II, Cheh’s 2010 animal control bill has been roundly mocked this week by the likes of and Rush Limbaugh for its supposed kid-gloves treatment of rats.

That led to a surge of correspondence with Cheh’s office, not all of it particularly civil. Cheh issued a news release announcing that she “Laments the State of Public Discourse” that included a sampling of some rather coarse missives:

Cuccinelli released a comment to WTOP, saying “there is no place in this discussion for threatening or rude e-mails or phone calls to officials, no matter on which side of the issue you fall.”

As to the merits of the Wildlife Protection Act of 2010, the debate continues. Cuccinelli and some pest-control interests insist the bill does not exempt all rodents from its requirements requiring “reasonable” attempted at relocation over extermination. But Cheh said virtually all rodents found in the District are exempted from that provision.

WTOP’s Mark Segraves, in conducting a fact check of Cuccinelli’s claims, reports that city regulators are treating all rodents as exempt from the law.