Would Cuccinelli be open to hosting a “Cheh Rat Sanctuary” at his Fairfax home? (Tracy A. Woodward/The Washington Post)

Cuccinelli’s comments in a radio interview — criticizing a measure that requires efforts to keep nuisances animal families together, “commensal rodents” excepted — were picked up by radio host Rush Limbaugh, who called Cheh a “babe” in the course of mocking her animal welfare efforts.

It was a rare instance of open interjurisdictional political combat, and Cheh has not forgotten. Tuesday, she and colleagues will vote on the District budget, and she has issued her now-traditional satirical budget recommendations. They’re mostly in-jokes for the Wilson Building set, but a couple of her suggestions take aim at the Commonwealth’s outspoken AG and aspiring governor.

For instance, she suggests (satirically!) constructing a $12 million “Cheh Rat Sanctuary” to house “families of rodents who have been forcibly relocated.” As for the location: “Based upon discussions at the ‘Rat Summit of 2012’, the Virginia Attorney General offered to house the sanctuary on his Fairfax estate.”

“We are awaiting further communications with the Virginia Attorney General’s office,” the joke memo continues.

Also, Cheh satirically proposes administering tests to outside attorneys general:

The examination will measure knowledge of constitutional law and basic reading skills, and a passing score will be required for each Attorney General who wishes to opine on District matters. Sample questions may include: “Which of the following sentences does not include the word ‘rat’?” Proceeds from the fund shall be used to establish public grief counseling units for rats and other commensal rodents who have lost family through pest control.

I have reached out to Cuccinelli’s office to see if he has any satirical suggestions of his own.