(By Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post)

Of the 41 arrestees, a Capitol Police spokeswoman said that 25 chose to “post and forfeit” — that is, post $50 collateral and forfeit their right to a court date. But 15 chose to go to court. (Another person, activist Billie Day, had to be taken to the hospital Monday night and was not fully processed.)

A spokeswoman for Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D) said that Gray is not among those who will be going to court, sparing the government a crisis of sorts. The crimes, as misdemeanors, are prosecuted by the District’s attorney general. The acting AG, Irvin B. Nathan, was appointed by Gray. Had he challenged his arrest in court, Nathan would probably have had to seek appointment of a special counsel to avoid the appearance of a conflict.

As for the six D.C. Council members that were arrested, Tommy Wells (D-Ward 6) said yesterday that all chose to forfeit their right to a day in court.

A full list of arrestees, partially annotated, is after the jump

Michael Brown — D.C. Council member (I-At Large)

Kusame Brown [sic] — actually D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown (D)

Vincent Gray — mayor of the District of Columbia

Jack Evans — activist, not the D.C. Council member

Eugene Kinlow — outreach director, D.C. Vote

Deangelo Scott

Lawrence Hams

Brian Pate

Marc Ferrara

Peter Bishop

Deborah Shore — executive director, Sasha Bruce Youthwork

Patricia Vrandenburg — board member, D.C. Vote

Yvette Alexander — D.C. Council member (D-Ward 7)

Anise Jenkins — activist, Stand Up! for Democracy in D.C.

Muriel Bowser — D.C. Council member (D-Ward 4)

Karen Hixson

Ann Aldrich

Carly Skidmore

Billie Day

Rachel Madelham

Mary Gosselink

Corryn Freeman

Joseph Martin Perta — board member, D.C. Vote

Robert Brannum

Maceo Thomas

Adam Maier — chief of staff to D.C. Council member Sekou Biddle

Ilir Zherka — executive director, D.C. Vote

Ryan Velasco

Sekou Biddle — D.C. Council member (D-At Large)

Lafayette Barnes

Jeffrey Richardson — director, Mayor’s Office of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Affairs

Nicholas McCoy

Daniel Solomon — board member, D.C. Vote

George Marion Jr.

John Klenert — former board member, D.C. Vote

Jay Tamboli

Michael Panetta — “shadow” U.S. Representative

Bruce Spiva — former board chairman, D.C. Vote

Martin Moulton

Jason Cross

Thomas Wells— D.C. Council member (D-Ward 6)