The public will find out how much money is missing from Brown’s campaign. (Michael Temchine/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

That includes an accounting of all receipts and expenditures through Aug. 10, the last filing deadline.

Brown, you’ll recall, was excused from that deadline after firing his treasurer and alerting the D.C. Office of Campaign Finance to money missing from his war chest. The office audited his finances and is now requiring him to spill his fiscal guts.

The confusion is rooted in an Aug. 30 letter to Brown from campaign finance director Cecily Collier-Montgomery that said Brown would have to file the August report only “once” he completed a amended report dating back to June.

Brown’s people did not take that to mean that the amended report, due Monday, and the August report were in fact due at the same time. But they are, OCF spokesman Wesley Williams confirmed today.

Said Brown campaign spokesman Asher Corson, “We look forward to filing on Monday.”

The up-to-date disclosure would address concerns from opponent David Grosso and media outlets that Brown has been able to keep his finances in the shadows while his opposition has been subject to the usual disclosures.

The next campaign finance reports for all campaigns are due Oct. 10.