Ron Moten’s hip-hop campaign against Vincent Gray continues.

The Peaceoholics co-founder, go-go impresario and high-profile supporter of former Mayor Adrian Fenty commissioned several Fenty-themed tribute tracks for last year’s campaign, complete with accompanying videos.

Fenty’s September loss has not dampened Moten’s politicomusical ambitions. He reports today that rapper Big Wax, he of last year’s “Don’t Leave Us Fenty” (above), is composing a new track, to be released next week.

Yes, there will be a video.

Big Wax, aka Wali, offered a sneak preview of the track, based on Kanye West’s smash “Power.”

Original chorus: “No one man should have all that power / The clock’s tickin’; I just count the hours.”

Revised chorus: “No way Gray should have all that power / His days numbered; the minutes, even the hours.”

Moten isn’t using only music to continue his broadsides against Gray; he’s also planning a response to Gray’s March 28 State of the District address.

“It’s going to be called the ‘People’s Rebuttal,’” Moten said Wednesday. “You’re going to have different people from the community that are outraged at what’s happening.”

The rebuttal was originally planned for right after Gray delivered his speech at the Washington Convention Center — across the street, at Bar 7. Gray has since moved the speech to Eastern Senior High School, at 6:45 p.m. Moten now says his response will come April 3, still at Bar 7, 1015 7th St. NW. Doors open at 6.