Here’s an addendum to the dust-up sparked by the court disclosure that Chief Financial Office Natwar M. Gandhi and his top aide e-mailed on personal accounts. The federal court filing also includes video of Gandhi’s deposition, which we have excerpted above.

The first half shows Gandhi being questioned about use of his personal e-mail account by attorney Donald Temple. The second part shows Gandhi’s reaction after Temple asks him a series of questions about his communications with city power players going back to 2008 regarding the high-stakes lottery contract.

Temple represents Eric W. Payne, Gandhi’s former contracting chief, who alleges that he was fired for resisting political meddling.

Quoted in full: “Let me enlighten you about something here. I’m the chief financial officer of an enterprise with a $10 billion budget. I have an enormous amount of responsibilities and concerns. And there are far greater issues, far greater issues in a given day than Mr. Payne or a given contract. So I don’t recall all those things that you keep on asking me and asking me. When I said, ‘I don’t recall,’ ‘I don’t remember,’ you should take that on its face value.”

Said Temple: “You may not like or appreciate my questions, but I’m going to keep asking you, and I want to know answers, and that’s the way it is.”

In the deposition, Gandhi said there were numerous meetings with D.C. Council members about the contract, but he maintained there was no political pressure.

“No one asked me anything about canceling, renegotiating anything about this contract,” Gandhi said. “Not a single council member.”