Take it from Kurtis: Keep it clean, kids.

Please rest assured that the legislation, introduced by Michael A. Brown (I-At Large), has nothing to do with the recent public profanity of certain Council members.

Brown says it’s “pure coincidence” that the resolution appears after the lavatory language of members Jack Evans (D-Ward 2) and David A. Catania (I-At Large) made the papers.

”I had started working on this well before the issues on the [council],” Brown said.

Brown said the bill, which declares the day swear-free as “a way to say just, ‘Hey, young folks, you can express yourselves without profanity,’” was inspired by a similar campaign by pioneering rappers Kurtis Blow and KRS-One.

“It’s a national effort, and I’m just the conduit for D.C.,” said Brown, who said there is no programming or marketing to accompany the resolution.

Still, Brown hopes the message gets through to the young’ns. “It shouldn’t be just a day,” he said. “It should be forever.”