Yvette Alexander ordered the probe (D.C. Council photo)

More to come shortly from my colleague Tim Craig, but here’s the nut of the report:

Despite the significant contribution that Peaceoholics made to the District of Columbia, we found that grant funding entities did not provide Peaceoholics with the necessary monitoring and support that the organization needed. Additionally, funding agreements did not consistently include program objectives that required Peaceoholics to provide written reports documenting fund allocations. As a result, Peaceoholics did not develop the appropriate internal controls or written program objectives to verify that all District funds were consistently used for the intended purposes.

In other words, the city didn’t require Peaceoholics to track whether it did effective work, so it’s hard to say if Peaceoholics did effective work. The meat of the auditor’s findings totals all of 16 pages, not all that much considering the group has been handed more than $13 million in city funds.

The document is not one that will convince Peaceoholics foes that the group in fact did good work. And it will not convince its friends that it in fact did not. And, in any case, life and politics goes on: Peaceoholics co-founder Ron Moten was in attendance at this morning’s ribbon-cutting for the new H.D. Woodson High School, waging his campaign against Alexander.

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