Less than a year remains before city primaries are held, and the Ward 7 D.C. Council race is shaping up to be the cycle’s marquee race.

Not necessarily because incumbent Yvette M. Alexander (D-Ward 7) is in any real trouble of losing her seat — that remains to be seen. But it stands to be plenty entertaining in any case, because it looks like she will be facing Ronald Moten, the charismatic go-go promoter, high-profile supporter of former Mayor Adrian M. Fenty (D) and outspoken co-founder of Peaceoholics.

Moten said this evening he’s looking to make his candidacy official next week, once he tends to some family matters. “It’s going to be like night and day,” he said. “It’s going to be serious. I’m not doing this to lose.”

Moten and Alexander have long clashed, dating back to a September 2009 encounter outside the John A. Wilson Building where Moten allegedly called Alexander “trash” after she allegedly insulted school dropouts. At one point, Moten declared Alexander “Worst Politician of the Year” in his OtherSide Magazine.

For now, Moten is taking the high road when it comes to his probable opponent: “I think she’s a nice lady; I just think I’m the better candidate,” he said.

Moten said he is not entering the race lightly. Do know that he has “talked to some pretty big people in the Democratic arena ... and they think I have a chance.” But more importantly, he said, “In my heart, I know I can win.”

He already has his campaign slogan at the ready: “I won’t be a self-servant; I’ll be a public servant.” And he stands ready to take advantage of the name recognition he’s built up through his Peaceoholics, go-go and Fenty work. The bigger challenge, he acknowledged, is “making sure they’ve got a positive perception.”

Moten said he plans a Fenty-style canvassing blitz of the ward, pledging to “touch every door three times.”

To that, Alexander chuckled: “I’ve already touched every door three times — been there, done that. ... But I’m going to do it again.”

Alexander, who has yet to file for re-election, said she isn’t fazed by a potential Moten run. “I’ve done a lot of work in Ward 7, and I want to continue,” she said. “The voters will let us know.”