Mary Cheh (D-Ward 3) led the D.C. Council probe into hiring practices of Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s administration. (Linda Davidson/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Tim Craig and I have a story on the draft report’s findings, which are set to be approved Wednesday by a Council committee. The lede:

D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s administration violated local and federal law, showed little regard for government money and damaged the city’s reputation through “nepotism and cronyism,” a D.C. Council panel concludes in a draft report expected to be made public Tuesday.

The special committee did not uncover direct involvement by Gray in his administration’s most controversial personnel decisions, but it sharply criticizes the conduct of several of his most trusted deputies and raises concerns about the mayor’s focus during the early days of his administration.

Other findings of note:

— “The 47-page report ... states that Gray appeared ‘essentially disconnected’ and that he failed to adequately supervise his staff. The report blames three top aides: Judy Banks, the former interim head of the D.C. Department of Human Resources; Gerri Mason Hall, Gray’s former chief of staff; and Lorraine Green, the chairwoman of the mayor’s campaign and the transition.”

— “While the report says Brown’s testimony was “undercut by . . . his tendency to exaggerate, seek the limelight, and embellish his story for dramatic effect,” as well as his “erratic behavior,” it concludes that Brown received at least $1,160 in payments from [Howard Brooks]. The committee also found evidence of a job promise in the “extraordinary actions” that Hall and Green undertook to find Brown a city position. But the committee, which is scheduled to vote Wednesday to finalize the draft report, did not directly link Gray to the payments.”

— “The committee found that five adult children of senior Gray advisers were put on the payroll shortly after the mayor’s inauguration in January, including two hires that were ‘improper and likely illegal.’”

— “In ‘one of his final acts as mayor,’ [Adrian Fenty] approved a $65,750 bonus for Allen Y. Lew, then the director of the Office of Public Education Facilities and Modernization. Lew was earning $275,000 a year. According to the council report, Fenty approved the payout even though the council had banned performance bonuses that year due to budget constraints. Gray, who named Lew city administrator weeks before the bonus was issued, allowed the payment to proceed in early February.”

The full report: