Yes, us District residents pay taxes. A lot of them. (Daniel Acker/Bloomberg)

Here are some other facts and figures about District residents’ payments to Uncle Sam, courtesy of the IRS:

• 312,067 individual income tax returns were filed for 2009. Of those, 48,374 were joint filings — about 15.5 percent. More than 151,000 filers — about 48.6 percent — had a paid preparer sign their returns.

• D.C. residents reported an adjusted gross income of $23.2 billion. About 60 percent of filers reported an AGI of $50,000 or less. Filers with an AGI of $200,000 or more comprised 5.4 percent of the total but accounted for 39.6 percent of all reported income.

• About 47,000 filers reported capital gains or losses on their returns. Ninety-five percent of the reported gains were listed on returns filed by those with AGIs of $200,000 or more. About 70,000 filers reported income from ordinary dividends; 63.6 percent of that $435 million in dividends was reported by those with AGIs of $200,000 or more.

• 127,318 filers — 40.8 percent — claimed itemized deductions totaling $4.1 billion. Of that, $1.6 billion represented local taxes, $1.3 billion represented mortgage interest and $590 million represented charitable contributions. On average, city residents wrote off 2.5 percent of their adjusted gross income via tax-deductible donations.

• 16,133 filers paid the feared alternative minimum tax. Ninety-three percent of them reported AGIs of $200,000 or more.

• More than 53,000 filers claimed the earned income tax credit. keeping a combined $108 million in the pockets of low-income D.C. residents. That works out to about $2,039 each. Another 3,183 filers claimed the first-time homebuyer credit, saving themselves an aggregate $23 million.

• Upon filing their yearly returns, 57,359 owed additional tax totaling $246 million. And 236,857 filers were entitled to refunds totaling almost $771 million.

• In the end, District taxpayers paid $3.6 billion to Uncle Sam, making the city’s effective tax rate 15.5 percent.

• Those with AGIs under $50,000 represent 60.3 percent of filers and paid 7.2 percent of the city’s federal taxes; their effective rate was on average 6.2 percent.

• Those with AGIs of $200,000 or more represented 5.4 percent of filers and paid 55.6 percent of all federal income tax; their effective rate was on average 21.7 percent.