Last look at DeBonis’s giddy grin.

As such, I take my place alongside Tom Jackman (aka The State of NoVa) and Mike Rosenwald (aka Rosenwald, Md.) in a triumvirate of jurisdictionally themed Washington Post bloggers. This is, yes, a move away from the original plan for this blog — to cover local politics across the metropolitan area — but as you probably know, I’ve already been more than happy to keep myself fully occupied with District foibles.

That’s not to speak ill of Maryland and Virginia: I had a great time covering the runup to the Commonwealth’s Senate race, the Prince George’s County drama, Maryland license plates and Dulles rail financing. (OK, maybe not Dulles rail financing.) I learned a lot and may perhaps return to extra-District issues on occasion.

But D.C. is where I live, what I know, and what I love to write about. I’m going to take a more expansive approach to covering the city beyond the John A. Wilson Building, breaking and sharing news on development, the arts, neighborhoods — really, whatever strikes my fancy.

Instead of the post or two per day you’re getting now, expect more. To make that feasible, I’ve made the difficult decision to stop my exhaustive (exhausting?) daily news aggregation after nearly three years of spending two to three hours every weekday compiling every last bit of city political minutiae. Instead, you’ll have a much more concise and tenderly curated collection of links.

See you around.