The upside for Thompson: He gets his money back. (C-SPAN)

A week after his role in a $653,800 “shadow campaign” for Mayor Vincent C. Gray was detailed, businessman Jeffrey Thompson’s money has become pecunia non grata among the politicians who once gladly courted it.

Politico reported Tuesday that President Obama’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee have returned donations totaling $10,000 made in May 2011.

And the Post’s John Wagner reports Wednesday that Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley has donated $38,000 to a veterans benefit fund to “offset” $38,000 worth of 2010 campaign contributions from Thompson and his network of donors.

“There was no illegal activity on the part of the campaign,” spokesman Rick Abbruzzese told Wagner. “But the governor felt we should take the step of donating those contributions.”

The donations to Obama and the Democrats were not Thompson’s only contributions for the current cycle. He gave $500 last May to Democrat Tim Kaine, running for Senate in Virginia, and $2,300 last June to Donna M. Christian-Christensen, seeking another term as the U.S. Virgin Islands’s delegate to the House.

A Kaine campaign spokeswoman had no immediate comment, and the Christian-Christensen campaign could not be immediately reached for comment.

Otherwise, there is no other evidence of Thompson’s money in current District or federal campaigns. Thompson, as I reported last week, has withdrawn from business, politics and high society as the federal investigation has progressed.

In terms of prior donations, D.C. campaign finance authorities continue to audit D.C. Council member Vincent B. Orange’s 2011 special election campaign, which took a bundle of questionable money-order contributions from Thompson. But most campaigns from the 2010 cycle and before are closed — with the notable exception of Gray’s campaign, which is under local and federal investigation — and, O’Malley aside, you can expect few politicos to let bygones be anything other than bygones.

UPDATE, 7/19, 3:10 P.M.: The Kaine campaign said Thursday the Thompson check has been returned.