There was some Twitter talk yesterday about old political signs — as in, where is the oldest campaign paraphernalia still gracing/marring the District streetscape?

Is it a sign for Tom Brown’s 2011 at-large D.C. Council campaign, still hanging in Columbia Heights? One from Clark Ray’s 2010 at-large bid, up in Adams Morgan? Perhaps a couple of John Ray for Mayor stickers, vintage 1994, on a Capitol Hill lamppost? Or some stickers for former Ward 1 council member Frank Smith — who ran five times between 1982 and 1998 — up in Park View?

My submission: Three bumper stickers from an unspecified reelection campaign for former Council chairman Dave Clarke, stuck to a rusted-over sign at the intersection of Gallatin Street and New Hampshire Avenue NW in the Brightwood Park area.

They could date to 1986, Clarke’s first reelection; 1993, his special election bid to replace the late John A. Wilson; or 1994, his final campaign before his 1997 death from cancer at age 53. (He gave up the chairmanship in 1990 to run for mayor.)

Got a favorite old political sign around town? Drop me a line via e-mail or tweet — preferably with pictures!

By the way, candidates generally have 30 days to remove their signs from public spaces after an election.