In my not-a-column about D.C. Council Chairman Kwame R. Brown’s political future, I noted that he said in a recent WTTG-TV interview that he is currently driving a “1983 mail truck” — that, in lieu of the city-paid 2011 “fully loaded” Lincoln Navigator L he once piloted.

That was not a joke. Spokeswoman Traci Hughes confirms that Brown is indeed using a former mail truck to get to work these days.

WUSA-TV anchor/reporter Bruce Johnson tweeted a photo of the vehicle, which he spotted parked behind the John A. Wilson Building yesterday.

Hughes said Brown had used the truck, which appears to have the all-black exterior Brown had once requested for his Navigator, during his prior campaigns, dating back to 2004. “It does not look like the same kind of ride that was last parked in that space,” she said. “In terms of the handling.”