Gray and Jinlong: mayors on a mission. (Executive Office of the Mayor)

Have no doubt, though, that Gray is indeed in China and doing important work, because there are pictures!

Gray met today with Beijing Mayor Guo Jinlong to renew a sister city agreement that dates back to 1984. In an administration statement announcing the deal, Gray said: “By emphasizing partnerships in the arenas of real-estate development, tourism, investment, sustainability and technology, we are promoting global trade at the local level.”

Gray was also scheduled to meet today with officials from the China Export-Import Bank and attend a welcome banquet for the 2012 Beijing Forum on Sustainable Development of Cities.

We may be sister cities, but Gray and Jinlong look like brothers. (Executive Office of the Mayor)

First rule of international trade missions: Never smile. (Executive Office of the Mayor)

The D.C. delegation, looking happier in the out-of-doors. (Executive Office of the Mayor)

Gray and Jinlong engage in some classic cushy-chair diplochat. (Executive Office of the Mayor)

Jinlong has a bigger office than Gray does. (Executive Office of the Mayor)