Natwar Gandhi. All the CFO’s men will appear before the D.C. Council Wednesday. (Sarah L. Voisin/TWP)

After Harriette Walters was caught stealing nearly $50 million from the D.C. tax office, Chief Financial Officer Natwar M. Gandhi saved his job by cleaning house and pledging to fix the oversight lapses that allowed the massive fraud to proceed. But “[t]ime and time again” in the five years since, the Post’s Debbie Cenziper reports, “auditors have warned Gandhi about weak controls and oversight in the tax office.” Many of those audits were left in draft form until recently or otherwise not circulated to the public. But it wasn’t just internal auditors raising concerns. The firm KPMG, hired to do the city’s yearly financial audit, this year warned that the city’s computer system allowed employees to make “improper adjustments” to tax records. Meanwhile, Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D) tells the Examiner he remains a Gandhi fan. A D.C. Council hearing on tax office issues is set for tomorrow (during the Nats game).

In other news:

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