If you ever run afoul of federal law, be warned that those pre-sentencing release conditions you sign are more than mere suggestions. Former D.C. Council Chairman Kwame R. Brown learned that the hard way Tuesday, after failing to properly report to court officials via telephone. The Post’s Del Wilber reports that U.S. District Judge Richard J. Leon scolded Brown, interrupting him mid-apology to tell him his mea culpa was coming “a little late in the game” and his transgressions were “not the way to position yourself most favorably before sentencing.” Brown will be back before Leon next month for that; in the meantime, he’s under a curfew and a weekly in-person check-in requirement. On his way into a taxi from the courthouse, he said according to WTTG-TV, “I can’t believe all the reporters are here when the CFO’s office is in turmoil.” More from Loose Lips, Legal Times, WRC-TV, WaTimes, WJLA-TV, and WUSA-TV.

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