Bill DiVello, former integrity and oversight director for District CFO Natwar Gandhi, said he could never get a meeting with Gandhi to discuss audit issues. (Jared Soares/TWP)

Wednesday’s hearing on the operations of the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue stretched for nearly 12 hours, minus a five-hour hiatus for the Nats game. Before the break, a full panel of D.C. Council members heard from Bill DiVello, former integrity and oversight director for Chief Financial Officer Natwar Gandhi, who described a dysfunctional auditing process at an agency that was previously ripped off to the tune of $50 million — a process that left many critical reports unseen by legislative overseers or the public at large. Circulating the reports, DiVello said, “helps keep everybody — not that everybody’s a crook — true.” After the game break, Gandhi dismissed the suggestion his office was trying to evade oversight, but told the council he would start posting summaries of audits on the OCFO Web site. Previously, he explained, he’d kept the reports internal because “there is no benefit derived by sensationalizing that process.” More from Loose LipsExaminer and WAMU-FM.

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