Brown is looking to focus attention on his housing and jobs record. (Bill O’Leary — The Washington Post)

D.C. Council member Michael A. Brown (I-At Large) is looking to focus attention on his policy chops Tuesday, sponsoring an emergency bill to preserve a handful of expiring housing vouchers. But he’s still feeling the political heat. The estimable Clinton Yates looks at Brown and sees a guy who better shape up after highlighting his opponent’s 20-year-old marijuana arrest to deflect criticism of his own problems: “The days of ‘my record speaks for itself’ not only insults the intelligence of D.C. voters, it seems like a flimsy campaign strategy,” he writes in his The Root D.C. column. “It just reeks of the old D.C. boys club mentality … which this city needs to grow out of before we can progress. We’re tired of seeing people treating public office like it’s a birthright.” Meanwhile, challenger A.J. Cooper tells Jonetta Rose Barras that Brown asked him early on to exit the race, offering to teach him “how the game is played.” But he stayed in: “Public service is no game to Cooper,” Barras writes. Meanwhile, David Grosso, he of the 1993 marijuana conviction, gets the D.C. Urban Moms and Dads endorsement.

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