Council member Yvette Alexander and challenger Ronald Moten debated on WPFW-FM earlier this month. (Mike DeBonis/TWP)

Updated 3:45 p.m.

As promised, Ward 7 D.C. Council candidate Ronald Moten is out with his latest campaign gambit — a diss track critiquing Democratic incumbent Yvette M. Alexander.

Alas, there’s no video a la previous Moten-produced political ditties like “Don’t Leave Us Fenty” and “Oh, You Fenty, Huh?” But the “Civil Rights Republican” is hoping “Yvette Don’t Really Care About Us,” with its late-period Michael Jackson flavor, has enough aural appeal — courtesy of Bübu The Producer and MCs Big Wax and TTS — to move the needle his way.

The track opens with, among other things, Alexander’s comments on WPFW-FM defending traffic cameras for preserving safety in Ward 7 neighborhoods: “It could be $1,000 if you speed. I don’t care — raise the price!”

The track also has Moten making a campaign issue over the recent dismissal of H.D. Woodson High School football coach Greg Fuller after fielding an ineligible player. In the first verse, Big Wax weighs in: “They fired Coach Fuller, you could have did something / You could have came to his aid, but you ain’t do nothing / You blocked for Team Thomas, but not the Woodson Warriors / Thousand-dollar tickets? You know we can’t afford ’em.”

Update, 3:45 p.m.: Moten also has a new YouTube ad featuring not only the $1,000 ticket clip, but a photo of Alexander with disgraced politicos Kwame Brown and Harry Thomas Jr., taken at a fundraiser for Moten’s Peaceoholics nonprofit in 2008: