Looks kinda dinky, don’t it? (Nikita Stewart/The Washington Post)

Mayor Vincent C. Gray has made good on his bet: The St. Louis “three rivers” flag flies over the John A. Wilson Building today, 10 days after the Cardinals beat the Nationals in Game 5 of the National League Division Series.

After it is taken down this evening, it will be sent back to St. Louis Mayor Francis G. Slay, for whom it will serve as a consolation prize after the Cardinals’s collapse against the Giants, failing to close the deal on a 3-1 League Championship Series series lead.

Was the Cards’ NLCS collapse, over three games, worse than the Nats’ NLDS collapse, over a half-inning? Feel free to discuss. In any case, Slay will be soon be sending San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee some Budweiser, barbecue and delicious, delicious toasted ravioli. He’s also had to change his official Twitter avatar to the Giants logo.

Because it’s not so windy today, here’s a better look at the St. Louis flag — a splendid design, but, experts agree, not as splendid as the District’s: