Beatty wants you voting for her and only her. (Macy L. Freeman/TWP)

1. None of the non-Democratic candidates earned the endorsement of the influential Gertrude Stein Democratic Club Tuesday night. Incumbent Michael A. Brown (I) won a 52 percent majority, outpolling David Grosso’s 45 percent, but that doesn’t meet the Stein Club’s 60 percent endorsement threshold, so no candidate can rightly claim the gay-and-lesbian organization’s mantle — though that didn’t stop Brown from issuing a news release touting his majority support. All LGBT hope is not lost from Grosso, who earned the best rating from the also-influential Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance.

2. In an e-mail blast, Republican Mary Brooks Beatty instructed her supporters to bullet vote. She explained, emphasis hers: “Though each of you have two votes in the At Large Council race, it’s very important that those of you who support my candidacy vote only once. If you vote for two candidates, you could be helping another candidate win.” That’s the logical outgrowth of campaign tactics that had her attacking Grosso at times rather than focusing on incumbent Brown. In her e-mail, Beatty kept up the strategy of painting both Brown and Grosso with the same former-Democrat brush: “It denies the entire city of the benefits of the two party system. … A one party system creates unchecked power which leads to mischief and unbalanced policy decisions.”

3. The Board of Elections said Tuesday it has received 12,077 requests for absentee ballots. However, not all of those will be returned. And through Tuesday, 2,169 residents had cast ballots at early voting downtown, which will continue through the week.