(Mike DeBonis/The Washington Post/Via Instagram)

Activist/political candidate/gadfly/media darling Ronald Moten is generally a straight-shooting, tell-’em-like-it-is kind of guy. But since launching his “Civil Rights Republican” campaign for the Ward 7 D.C. Council seat, there’s one question Moten hasn’t been willing to give a straight answer to: Which presidential candidate will you vote for?

It’s not easy for a Republican, even a Civil Rights Republican, to support Mitt Romney in ward overwhelmingly full of African American Democrats loyal to President Barack Obama. And so Moten’s been cagey.

Now, less than a week ahead of the election, he’s ready to make his pick. Sort of: “I’m not voting for Romney,” he said. “I can’t come to grips.”

He later added, “More than likely it won’t be Obama. … But it definitely won’t be Romney. They haven’t told me what I wanted to hear. Romney has flip-flopped. He hasn’t told me how he’s going to uplift the African American community.”

But Moten has seen the light, a savior in the wings. He is in fact a Republican, and his name is Chris Christie.

Moten explained his infatuation with the New Jersey governor: “You see how he met with Obama [after Hurricane Sandy], didn’t let politics get in the way of the people. You see how after he won his election, the first person he met with was Cory Booker, a Democrat. We need people who are gonna bring our country together, not separate and divide the county. We need somebody who you might not agree with all the time who’s just going to call it like they see it. I think that’s what America’s waiting on. … Right now, all we have is a divisive government. I think he’d be the perfect candidate.”

Moten said he might write Christie in. “I can’t leave it blank,” he said. “Then I wouldn’t be doing what I’m supposed to do as a citizen.”