Will Brown need his toothbrush? (Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post)

Not a small news day here in the District: At 11 a.m., former D.C. Council chairman Kwame Brown will stand before a federal judge to receive his sentence for the bank fraud felony that drove him from office. Later, he’ll receive a separate and additional sentence on a campaign finance misdemeanor. The big question: Will his lax attitude toward his release conditions (he reportedly failed to make at least one required weekly call to pre-trial supervision officials) mean he’ll have to spend more than the six days in jail suggested by prosecutors? Later in the day, D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson will propose the first major round of school closings in five years. The big question: How many of the system’s 117 buildings will she be ready to shutter, and will any of them be high schools? In any case, the Post editorial board today gave Henderson some early support.

In other news:

Maryland teens alleged to have killed cab driver for money (PostWaTimesHomicide Watch)

New FEMS plan would take advanced ambulances off the street during wee hours, shifting them to peak times (PostWRC-TV)

Tom Davis says Congress won’t fight budget autonomy referendum (PostWaTimesWJLA-TVWAMU-FM)

Lots of folks were working Monday, but Metro was stuck on a Saturday schedule (Dr. Gridlock)

Debut of L Street bike lane has been tricky (Post)

And at least one biker feels time won’t improve much on a faulty design (Post letter)

Eleanor Holmes Norton would like to make sure the D.C. flag flies at military ceremonies (D.C. WireWaTimesExaminer)

Colby to Ron Machen: Step it up (Post column)

School closures won’t fix boundary issues, Jonetta says (Examiner)

After four-year hiatus, D.C. Council is majority-white again (Examiner)

Michael Brown is deciding whether he wants to run in the spring special election (Loose Lips)

Libertarians are much pleased to have major-party status in D.C. (Post)

In Petworth, racial tensions over a soccer field: “We get to play until the white people kick us out” (Post)

Vince Gray is happy to take credit for closing of class action cases (Examiner)

Ward 1 ANC commish preps challenge to Jim Graham (Loose LipsDCist)

Kaya Henderson to principals: “Autonomy is earned” (Examiner)

As it continues to recover from Harry Thomas fraud, CYITC hires new director (D.C. Wire)

Lower camera ticket fines are well and good, but what about the revenue? (DCFPI)

Openly gay GU student wins ANC race, says he’s the youngest gay elected official in the country (Blade)

City fire boat still works, but could use some work (Examiner)

Keith Lomax hinted to city officials that Patrick Ewing — yes, Patrick Ewing — is interested in doing D.C. construction work (Loose Lips)

Bob McCartney: Grosso win is “welcome evidence of a strong voter backlash against shoddy ethics” (Post op-ed)

Bus driver shot in leg near Anacostia Metro station (Post)

Parents should have easier access to school safety data, charter board member says (Post op-ed)

Deborah Simmons is all for Height Act modifications (WaTimes)

Behold the restaurant centerpiece of the new Canal Park (Housing Complex)

Kevin Chavous Sr. to Obama: You can stop messing with D.C. school vouchers now (Post op-ed)

Woman dead in apparent suicide in Third District police station (WJLA-TV)

Highland Dwellings resident fights DCHA and wins (District Chronicles)

Your newest Superior Court judge is Kimberly Knowles (Legal Times)

Fenty administration film and TV czar will head Restaurant Association (Young & Hungry)

The Nationals are offering D.C. residents team license plates (WTOP)

Yes, you still can get a hotel room for the inauguration (Capital Business)