Newtown’s grief has prompted reflections on our own, more quotidian gun violence. (Julio Cortez — Associated Press)

In the aftermath of the Newtown, Conn., killings, D.C.’s public schools are joining area districts in preparing for the unthinkable, reminding parents of their security measures and “active shooter” protocols. Meanwhile, as the nation mourns the six adults and 20 children murdered inside Sandy Hook Elementary, Courtland Milloy reminds us to celebrate one young, innocent survivor among the “ongoing mass murder” on our streets: 23-month-old Kodie “Cocoa” Brown. Her mother, Selina Brown, was gunned down on a Metrobus while holding Cocoa, who had a bullet graze her tiny face. “Resist the tendency to forget,” writes Courtland. “Even though the crime against her may pale in comparison with the horror of mass murder, those ‘non-life-threatening’ gunshot wounds shouldn’t be dismissed.”

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